News:: Result for admission cum scholarship test of Challenger batch (Class-XII-Appeared/Passed) Phase II, Session 2024-25 has been declared
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Admission to different classes at Ajmal Super 40 is solely on a merit basis determined by the cutoff set by the management and admission is subject to seat availability at Ajmal Super 40 campus.

Pre- admission procedure:

1) The admission inquiry starts by visiting checking the website or the institution physically/mobile call for the admission criteria for different classes (VI, VIII, IX, XI & challengers) and registering or filling up an online application form.

2) The institute’s admission team will review the online application form to ensure that candidates meet the prerequisite criteria for admission to a specific class. Members of the admission team will verify and confirm the candidates’ choice of course, which includes NEET, JEE. They will guide parents through the admission process, which includes the Admission Test/Admission Cum Scholarship Test held annually across the state of Assam and the nation as a whole by the end or the first part of the year.

3) Qualified and selected students and parents must give their consent before the declaration of the admission form, which is divided into different batches. Batches will be allotted based on the marks obtained in the Admission Test/Admission Cum Scholarship Test, as well as the Board Examination. Once the seats are exhausted in one batch, students will need to take admission in another, subject to the availability of seats in the batches at that campus. An undertaking is to be obtained from students before finalizing seats and commencing the class. The concession policy, wherever applicable, shall be incorporated while preparing the merit list.

 i) In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in the aggregate of all aspects merit of such candidates may be determined as follows:

(a) Candidates obtaining higher marks in Science for NEET/Maths for JEE will    get precedence in admission.

(b) If two or more candidates have got the same marks in Science for NEET/Maths for JEE, then the candidates securing higher marks in Science and Maths taken together will get precedence over the others.

(c) In case of a tie between two or more candidates obtaining same marks in Science and Maths taken together, the student older in age as per the D.o.B will be given precedence over the other.

Project Head or Principal may admit a student who in earlier phase not found eligible for admission to a particular class/batch may be allowed for fresh admission to a particular class/batch in respective class in his/her academic quality within year subject to availability of seats.

Members of the admission team shall contact the parents further for the subsequent processes.

Pre-application is essential as it helps the school in determining the candidature of the child and the further admission processes. Pre-application can be done any time during the year for the succeeding academic year.

Counseling Session (In-Person at School / Online /Tele-call):

1) All pre-applications received until the end of the stipulated time will be processed, and in-person/telephonic/online interviews will be conducted, for which parents shall be called before the following academic year.

2) Admissions for any class and above shall require a written evaluation for the child after the Admission Test/Admission Cum Scholarship Test, followed by an oral interview with both the students and the parents. The child’s performance in the written evaluation shall also be considered when determining the child’s candidature for admission.

3) Incomplete pre-applications with missing information will not be processed for admission. 

Admission Phase:

1) Admission forms and prospectus are distributed. Our prospectus serves as a comprehensive guide, providing detailed information about the courses we offer, profiles of our experienced faculty, campus facilities, and other essential details.

2) By maintaining a fair and merit-based admission process, we ensure that students with the highest academic potential are given the opportunity to enroll in our NEET and JEE coaching classes. Merit list for final admission is published. This list is published transparently, allowing students to see where they stand in comparison to their peers.

3) Educational documents and other testimonials are verified. As a commitment to maintaining the highest standards, we meticulously verify all educational documents and testimonials submitted by applicants. This rigorous verification process ensures the authenticity of academic qualifications and other claimed achievements. By upholding these standards, we guarantee the integrity of our admission process, welcoming only those students who have met the necessary academic criteria.

4) In this critical step, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the financial status and background of prospective students. Financial status and background of students are checked. Our goal is to create an inclusive learning environment, and by evaluating financial backgrounds, we can customize support structures such as scholarships or financial aid to ensure that every deserving student has the opportunity to benefit from our coaching programs.

5) Upon successful completion of the verification process, admitted students move to the financial phase of admission. Here, we collect admission fees covering tuition and associated costs. In return, each student receives a confirmation admission receipt, serving as official documentation of their successful enrollment. This final step solidifies the admission process, signaling the commencement of their educational journey with our NEET and JEE coaching institute.