We provide free education to very poor student

Ajmal Super 40 has been offering educational services to the students of the underprivileged areas of North-Eastern states of India irrespective of caste, community and religion since 2016. We impart comprehensive teaching-cum-guidance programs in realizing their true potentials of becoming doctors & engineers so that they can contribute to build our nation progressive and prosperous in the world.
We provide scholarship in the following categories:
1. 100% scholarship on Course & Hostel Fees is provided to the top 40 BPL students in class XI.
2. 100% scholarship on Admission & Course Fees is provided to the students who secure 95% or above in the HSLC/AHM Exam irrespective of economical background.
3. 100% scholarship on Course Fee is provided to the top 40 students in one year coaching for NEET/JEE irrespective of economical background.